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Suspension Magnet

Suspension magnets are particularly intended for the extraction of incidental drifter iron from an item stream being passed on by a transport line or vibratory feeder. The magnet is suspended over a transport with sling chains setting the magnet face at the correct for ideal extraction.

Suspension magnets which are generally utilized over transports to trap hints of ferrous particles. Expulsion of ferrous particles will alleviate the procedure stream of contaminants just as ensure different pieces of the hardware from harm.

The suspended magnet can be introduced over any working procedure line without causing changes to the current set to up. Every one of that must be done is suspend it from above with the assistance of the suspension chains attached in it to such an extent that most extreme nearness is achieved. Work starts naturally and separation is accomplished.

A couple of the important features are,
⦿   Non cumberstone establishment
⦿   Sturdy structure to perform proficiently in rough condition.
⦿   No power required for permanent suspension magnet.
⦿   Varying widths accessible to suite transport
⦿   Self-cleaning models are additionally accessible.
Recognising the adequacy and simple establishment of suspended magnets they have been introduced in enterprises like food creation, foundry, chemical, fertilizer, gypsum, metals and so forth.


The suspension magnet is introduced at the release of the head pulley or over the transport line. At whatever point the item goes under the magnet, metal contamination are drawn out of the material. Material which is streaming openly can be tossed into the front side of the magnet expanding the partition result. Suspension magnet can be suspended from a conveyor belt with the goal that it can be moved away in a good manner from the transport to be cleaned physically.

Just it draws in the iron particles and moved out of the magnetic territory by pushers. When they have left the magnetic field, the ferrous particles fall into a gathering gadget. Basically it pulls in the iron particles and moved out of the magnetic zone by pushers.


Suspension Magnets can be introduced either toward the finish of the belt over the head drum or over the transport line. In the two cases, to stay away from unsettling influences to the magnetic field, magnetic parts must be put underneath the outside of the magnet. Detachment is increasingly productive because of the direction of the face it is then "fluidized".


The Suspension Magnet is a predominant magnet which is suspended over a passing on framework that is a piece of the creation line and conveys the feed to the following procedure. While setting up the Suspension Magnet it should be ensured that the entrance is helpful to complete upkeep process at normal stretches. It should be doubly guaranteed that indispensable parts like pulleys and idler roller are not magnetized by the working of the Suspension Magnet.

The Suspension Magnet comes in two models (I) Manual cleaning (ii) Self-cleaning, lets examine these models in detail.


As the name passes on the manual cleaning technique includes work to evacuate the gathered containment, for all intents and purposes this model of Suspension Magnet is fitting for establishment in process lines where contamination of iron is small else cleaning would expend a ton of time and postpone the production.


These are Suspension Magnet which takes to programmed cleaning of tramp iron with a total set up of working parts to encourage ceaseless cleaning. These Self-cleaning models of Suspension Magnet are suggested in applications that include enormous information sources and simultaneously the degree of ferrous contamination is additionally high.


⦿   Heavy obligation magnetic plates
⦿   Robust development
⦿   No power gracefully required
⦿   Low maintenance
⦿   Self cleaning
⦿   Powerful Magnets
⦿   No breakdown


⦿   Removing ferrous material in wood processing factories
⦿   Chemical factories
⦿   Glass industries
⦿   In mining industries to evacuate ferrous material
⦿   Metal industries
⦿   Pharmaceutical industries
⦿   Ore industries
⦿   ugar refining industries.


Understanding the customer requirements are the key factor which every suspension magnet distributors should have. Based on the needs and financial ability of the customer, the distributor should include various options in buying.

The quality which the distributors provide is the key element in choosing the correct magnetic suspension distributor. You can expect good product only with the kind of sellers who gives quality as their first priority.

Distributors who makes customisation possible tend to provide customer satisfaction. Based on the needs of the customer, distributor should customise changes which customer wants in his/her suspension magnets. Reasonable product range.

Suspension magnets are regularly used to remove tramp iron from coal, stone, fertilizers, reused dark top, stag, gypsum, minerals and practically identical materials to shield taking care of mechanical assembly from being hurt.

✠ Removal of ferrous materials in mining operations.
✠ Separation of ferrous contamination in quarries.
✠ Magnetic extraction of ferrous particles in wood processing.
✠ Recover ferrous metal in the waste management process.

⦿ High magnetic field intensity.
⦿ The wholly sealed structure makes the separator water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion resisting.
⦿ No energy consumption.
⦿ Easy to install and convenient to use.
⦿ High efficiency and stable performance.
⦿ Long service life.


Suspension Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai

Ferron Equipments have extended their extent of Suspension Magnets during the time to give sustenance to the reliably growing size of vehicles, further enduring and transport speeds. Ferron Equipments can offer customers two sorts of suspension magnet, dependent upon express application nuances. The units are open as either electro or invariable magnets.Suspension magnets are unequivocally proposed for the extraction of rare tramp iron from a thing stream being passed on by a vehicle line or vibratory feeder. The magnet is suspended over a vehicle with sling chains setting the magnet face at the correct plot for perfect extraction. An electro suspension magnet can be re-arranged a long way from the vehicle and de-enabled for cleaning. A Permanent Suspension Magnet can be suspended from a voyaging trolley with the objective that it might be moved a long way from the vehicle to be physically cleaned.

Suspension Magnet Manufacturers in Chennai
Suspension Magnet Manufacturers
Suspension Magnet
Suspension Magnet