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Eddy Current Separator

Significance of Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Separator is one of the most generally utilized magnetic separators to isolate important non-ferrous metals. It effectively confines the metals dependent on a high conductivity-to-thickness proportion. Recycling industries use eddy current separator for its different preferences like high frequency, robust design and high separation capability.

Eddy Current Separator is the most significant magnetic separator as it effectively handles high limit materials, in light of the fact that the transport line with magnets detaches non-ferrous metals consequently. It refines huge mass streams and confines non-ferrous metals for reuse. In this way, everything makes this magnetic separator generally significant.

Notable highlights of Eddy Current Separator

⦿   Robust structure and compact size
⦿   Solid-body
⦿   Very less vibration so less energy dissipation.
⦿   Low power utilization
⦿   Shielded body

Working Principle

In eddy current separator there is a short belt of transports that has its drive situated at the arrival end and a fast magnetic rotor framework introduced at the release end. A magnetic rotor, which is situated inside an independently turning non-metallic drum, spins rapid during activity while the external drum spread rotates at the speed of the eddy currents belt transport.

While rotor turns at these high speeds around then the electric current is actuated into leading metals. The actuated electric current delivers a magnetic field, which contradicted the field made by the rotor, repulsing the leading metals over a pre-situated splitter plate. The rest of the materials, for example, plastics, glass, and other dry recyclables will basically free-fall over the rotor, isolating them from the repulsed metals.

How Eddy Current Separator sort and dispose of Aluminium ?

Eddy Current Separators take a shot at the standard of electromagnetic acceptance in leading material. It isolates the aluminium metal dependent on their distinctive electric conductivity. The waste material is helped through the passes on belt. Toward the finish of the transport line, there is an Eddy Current Separator.

It tosses the aluminium material advances into the bins and non-metal tumbles off the belt because of gravity. Eddy current separators are basic in the quickest developing business sector of aluminium arranging, where they can give a precise separation of aluminium material from waste streams.

Advantages of Eddy Current Separators

⦿   Precise and productive arranging of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals from latent materials
⦿   High yield of non-ferrous metals recovery.
⦿   Negligible loss of important materials
⦿   Continuous working cycle with high productivity
⦿   Reliable and long-term activity
⦿   Easy maintenance
⦿   High processing limit leading to profitability.

Application of Eddy Current Separators

⦿   Glass recycling industry
⦿   Wood recycling industry
⦿   Waste incineration plants
⦿   Electronics waste or household waste
⦿   Mining and mineral streams
⦿   Metal casting industry
⦿   Aluminium Scrap Recycling
⦿   Rubber Scrap Recycling

Importance of eddy current separator in recycling

The primary utilization of an eddy current separator is to recover the non-ferrous metals that originate from crude materials delivered by the shredder. The scraped metal incredibly expands paces of metal recycling. With the utilization of an eddy current separator, the separation is done proficiently.

This magnetic separator called eddy current separator is the most exceptional machine to recuperate aluminium and other non-ferrous metal from the item stream in the recycling industry. The most significant advantage of metal recycling is that metal can be reused again and again without losing its quality and quality.

Enhancing Eddy Performance

There are sure fundamental methodologies that will upgrade the performance of an eddy current separator. The most significant is to expel however much ferrous material as could reasonably be expected from the stream. Ferrous particles in the item will impact separation and could make genuine harm the unit if unnoticed. The subsequent stage is to evacuate the fines (for the most part particles between 3/8 inch and ½ inch), which regularly speak to 20 percent to 40 percent (by weight) of the stream to be prepared.

It is significant while applying an eddy current separator that you size it appropriately. Try not to be worried about the breadth or the width of the unit. The separator's appraised limit should be the prime factor. Separators by and large are accessible in widths running from 24 creeps to 60 inches. In any case, it isn't extraordinary for a 48-inch wide unit to have a higher limit than a 60-inch wide unit, as the viable separation that the eddy current's range out from the outside of the belt differs relying upon the maker.

⦿   Uncommon Earth Magnets
⦿   Profound Magnetic Field
⦿   Bigger Magnetic Field
⦿   Triple Layer Protection

⦿   High quality, long life
⦿   Increments non-ferrous recuperation
⦿   Fantastic recovery of considerable non-ferrous metals
⦿   Longer life, lower support and fix costs


Eddy Current Separator Manufacturers in Chennai

Ferron Equipments have extended their extent of Suspension Magnets during the time to give sustenance to the reliably growing size of vehicles, further enduring and transport speeds. Ferron Equipments can offer customers two sorts of suspension magnet, dependent upon express application nuances. The units are open as either electro or invariable magnets.Suspension magnets are unequivocally proposed for the extraction of rare tramp iron from a thing stream being passed on by a vehicle line or vibratory feeder. The magnet is suspended over a vehicle with sling chains setting the magnet face at the correct plot for perfect extraction. An electro suspension magnet can be re-arranged a long way from the vehicle and de-enabled for cleaning. A Permanent Suspension Magnet can be suspended from a voyaging trolley with the objective that it might be moved a long way from the vehicle to be physically cleaned.

The Ferron Equipments Eddy Current Separator (ECS)


⦿   Exceptionally world class high repeat rotor
⦿   Erratic plan to enlarge constant execution
⦿   Low bolster necessities
⦿   Fast belt for higher throughputs
⦿   Belts widths from 300mm to 2000mm (2 meters) open

Ferron Equipments supply twirl current parcel and appealing division rigging to above all the genuine reusing and metal taking care of associations and our continued with obligation to giving High Quality, High Performance, Reliability and Service ensures that we keep up our driving position.

Eddy Current Separator Manufacturers in Chennai
Eddy Current Separator Manufacturers
Eddy Current Separator
Eddy Current Separator