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Over Band Magnetic Separator

Overband Magnetic Separator it is used to isolate ferrous contaminating impacts from any kind of material. They recover attractive particles from mechanical waste, foundry sand, etc and are essentially used in smashers, belt transports, etc. MAXWELL INDUSTRIES is one of the prominent Overband Magnetic separator makers thusly; we have adjusted game plans with the greatest weighting. It can work effectively on the all-encompassing working opening, which enables it to remove ferrous from significant roughed transports. Its separator is used essentially in the plants with the quarrying and reusing endeavors, where they used either inline over the head pulley or over a vehicle line. Being the principal Overband Magnets Suppliers in India, we offer oil cooled and air cooled kind of electromagnetic separator. The two structures are known for their interesting features and modified plans. It plays out the limit, as per the necessities.

As the speediest creating Suspended Overband Magnets Exporters from India, we ensure helpful movement of the thing to your doorstep. Our range is open at the most sensible expense. These have a wide application locale and along these lines, have an outrageous enthusiasm for the business. Drop us your email and inspect your necessities with our services.

Overband Magnetic Separators are used when critical measures of attractive material and furthermore long unwieldy pieces are contained in the vehicle load. This material is pulled in by the magnet and is shipped out of the attractive field and shot out by the discharge belt circumventing the magnet.

⦿ Establishment in Coal Industry
⦿ Use in Cement Plants
⦿ Warm Power Plants
⦿ Utilized in Fertilizers industry
⦿ Division of ferrous metals from Municipal Solid Waste
⦿ Expulsion of ferrous tainting in glass cullet reusing
⦿ Expulsion of Tramp Iron from destroyed stick in Sugar Mills
⦿ Expulsion of ferrous from Foundry applications


Over Band Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in Chennai

Overband Magnetic Separators are used for removing alluring parts from non-attractive materials in order to verify smasher, production lines, taking care of plants, etc against an overabundance of wear and mischief. They serve for cleaning non-attractive mass products with iron contamination, for instance cleaning of foundry sand, coal, etc. They are used for recovering attractive material from mineral, steel plant slag, etc.

Overall, Overband Magnetic Separators are presented above vehicle lines, vibratory feeders or chutes. They get ferrous metal parts from the mass products. When in doubt, the magnet can in like manner be presented in a present foundation missing much expense.

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